What do Deaf Lesbian do at the festival? There are a variety of activities and there is a balance of work and play. There are workshops where we look at ourselves as lesbians, from all walks of life. There are also workshops that focused on health, aging, spirituality, domestic violence, understanding laws, and financial advice. But, we are not limited to these topics. Hosts are often open to new topics and are open to the needs of this small oppressed group of Deaf people.

What do we do for fun during festivals? Arts and crafts, cruises (whale watching in Provincetown), dancing and swimming, to name a few. There is some time for some relaxation in the hotel lounges. It is up to the host city to provide entertainment.

The festivals usually open with a keynote speaker and close with an entertainment. There are some games during the festival, too. Games are among the favorite activities during the week.

It sounds like fun. It is. It sounds like work. It is. It sounds like one big yet small social event. It is. Deaf Lesbians need time and space where we can be ourselves and DLF is the place to be. So, come join with us and have fun!!!